Radio Show Notes and Quotes by Tom Allen (November 22nd)

Indiana is riding high after an unlikely double win at Michigan State last Saturday, and with the upcoming final game of the regular season against Purdue, the Hoosiers still have work to do. Indiana head coach Tom Allen joins host Don Fischer for his final radio show of the season, Inside IU Football.

As usual, all notes and citations are per Allen unless otherwise noted.


  • “I was a bit upset at half-time because I thought we gave up some things that caused the (points) split.”
  • “I saw it in their (player’s) eyes at half-time that we weren’t going to lose”
  • “I thought the kickoff return touchdown (by Jaylin Lucas) was the turning point”
  • Allen said Saturday’s game was one of the coldest he’s ever trained in
  • Allen notes that IU had zero turnover, which he was really proud of
  • Re: Kickroff Return Touchdown by Jaylin Lucas – “It changed everything… He’s just amazing. I knew he was special when we got him and he was just that” … Allen said he was “shocked” that MSU kept kicking at Lucas and allowing him to return the ball
  • Allen said he received a text message from former DE Ryder Anderson after the game. It was an image from the television show showing that MSU had a 97.1 percent chance of winning at halftime
  • Allen said Williams’ two pass completions for AJ Barner in OT were “huge psychological things” as it caused MSU to reconsider what they were doing on defense
  • Re: IU’s missed FG – Allen said it wasn’t Charles Campbell’s fault but it was the protection’s fault for allowing the defense to break through and tip the kick


  • “The second quarter was tough for him, just in terms of everything”
  • “It’s one thing to come in and play a little bit, but then you come in a week and prepare as a starter.”
  • “When you have a guy who can walk like that, it creates an extra gap for the defense to defend.”
  • “I just think he (Williams) takes some of the stress off our offensive line”
  • “I know he didn’t throw the ball a lot, but he can throw the ball, which he did in the end.”


  • Allen said the running gaps were a little less clogged as MSU had to factor in Williams’ dual-threat ability, which opened up the running game
  • ‘We knew we had to manage football’ … ‘We knew we had to do this’
  • “We knew that if we played the football well, we would have a chance… So, just a total team effort.”


  • Don Fischer notes that many younger OLs have played against MSU including Josh Sales, Carter Smith, Bray Lynch, Kahlil Benson… “Just very excited about their development. These young people are without question the key to our future. And to see them grow and develop in these big games as they are big for their future.
  • Allen said it’s great to keep Carter Smith and Bray Lynch’s redshirt this year while giving them valuable in-game replays


  • Allen said the defense made several mistakes in the first game that “shouldn’t happen” which frustrated him at half-time
  • “We had some interference with a lot of passes. I’ve already lost most of my hair but I’ve lost more hair”… Allen said he told the players he didn’t care about the penalty, they’d rather get aggressive be
  • Allen notes that IU had five pass separations in the second half
  • Allen credits Jonathan Haynes, James Head and DeMarcus Elliott for playing so well
  • Re: Bryant Fitzgerald moves from safety to LB – “I don’t think people realize how hard it is to go from the safety game to the pits. It’s so hard at this level.”
  • Re: Aaron Casey injury update – “He’d been away all week so the likelihood of him playing was slim” … Allen said when the team gathered for walkthroughs on the morning of the game, Casey popped up on a scooter up and did not go; Training staff said they wanted to keep him off his feet for as long as possible before kick-off… Casey told Allen: ‘I have to play. There was no way I wouldn’t play.”
  • Re: Kaiden Turner – Allen said Turner made some good plays but wasn’t “quite ready yet”…was forced to play big snaps against MSU to suffer multiple LB injuries
  • Subject: Cam Jones – “He has a heart of gold. As great a player as he is, he’s a better person. I don’t know if I’ve coached a better person.” … “Football is great, but the kind of man you are is what counts. And he will wear that for the rest of his life.
  • Allen reiterates that Cam Jones is doing everything in his power to get back on the field for the Old Oaken Bucket game\


  • Fischer notes that Purdue is still playing for a shot at the Big Ten West title; Have yet to see if Iowa can win this weekend
  • Allen said this week that the coaches have really focused on the mindset and are just staying focused
  • Allen thanks coach Mark Deal for presenting the team with a slideshow of the history of the Old Oaken Bucket and for giving a “fiery” speech about what the bucket game means
  • “You can’t get caught up in the emotions of it all. You still have to execute”
  • Subject: Purdue QB Aidan O’Connell & Purdues Passing Attack – “You’re doing a great job of camouflage certain things”… “It’s going to be a challenge, no doubt about that. He’s a special quarterback.”
  • Allen notes that Purdue WR Charlie Jones has 93 catches and over 1,000 yards
  • “Coach Brohm is doing a really good job and I have a lot of respect for him”
  • Re: Development of Dexter Williams – Allen said Williams didn’t get a lot of snaps in practice this season because he wasn’t No. 1 or No. 2 on the depth chart for most of the season…” That probably does what he has done even more impressive.
  • Allen said he doesn’t expect any “drastic changes” from Williams this week, but his confidence continues to grow after the MSU game