A tribute to the twins for Turkey of the Year award > Minnesota

Imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery, so I’d like to try to honor legendary Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse and his annual Turkey of the Year award. While his TOTY award went to Herschel Walker (Congratulations to Walker on your 2022 win), I want to try to pay homage to him and present a Minnesota Twins 2022 Turkey of the Year.

Who is the 2022 Minnesota Twins Turkey of the Year?

Top 5 candidates:

#5 Byron Buxton: Oh how we love to watch you occasionally. Byron is a perennial fan favorite and extremely personable. Even with an unfortunate “load management” game plan we saw last season, Buck managed to make an all-star team.

He then hit a home run in that game and damaged himself effectively enough to be back on the injured list for much of the second half of the season. That’s a tough look for the midfielder.

#4-Miguel Sano: Big swings, big mistakes and sometimes frequent home runs. Since we saw Miguel Sano’s peak at the 2017 Home Run Derby, it’s been a bi-polar journey on and off the field, with 2022 serving as a fitting culmination of his tenure with the Twins. Perhaps the sky pilot will find a new home to soar.

#3 – Derek Falvey and Thad Levine: The saviors of modern analytics. Brought in to build the best team a computer and a mediocre payroll can buy, the Brain Trust duo just haven’t put together a team to compete against.

#2-Emillo Pagan: It’s hard to even write about Emillo Pagan as we watched him trudge out week after week in a high leverage situation and falter (pun intended) only to get hit hard. He’ll likely be back in 2023, so we’ll see if the addition is an improvement.

#1 Carlos Correa: He came, he saw mediocrity and left for more money. Yes, he’s given the twins a very productive year for a price tag of $35 million, but while it may not be justified, it feels a bit of a lather.

Our 2022 Minnesota Twins Turkey of the Year:

Without a doubt, the Twins’ front office, for which Thad Levine and Derek Falvey must take the sword, was awarded the Minnesota Twins 2022 Turkey of the Year. A perpetually underfunded roster teasing Twins fans with just enough talent to keep us interested but never enough to compete seriously keeps us investing our time and money.

We’ve relied on geriatric back-end starters, mediocre hitters in the lineup, and a refusal to keep more than 2-3 “superstars” for 31 years. It’s a bit of wear and tear at this point.

1991 was a generation ago, one that the current 20-30 year old fan base can’t remember (save for stories passed down by those of us who do). This is all fun and frustration, but I hope you all have or had a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Here’s for you Patrick Reuse also. I hope I did you justice.