Jefferson, MO – Tamara Sigman & Thomas Kershner Injured Dr ” Missouri

Jefferson, MO (November 24, 2022) – Two people were injured in a traffic accident in Jefferson County. On November 22, the Missouri State Highway Patrol was dispatched to the scene of the Missouri State Route 30 accident.

According to law enforcement officials, the driver of a 2007 Honda Odyssey made a left turn in front of a 1998 Honda CRV at about 640 a.m. while driving eastbound via the intersection of Missouri State Route 30 and Dolores Drive. The two vehicles collided. The force of the impact ejected the Honda Odyssey off the roadway, where it struck a sign. Both vehicles were badly damaged.

The drivers of both vehicles sustained injuries. EMS ministers to 43-year-old Tamara Sigman of Fenton, Missouri and 64-year-old Thomas Kershner of Cedar Hill, Missouri. The two victims were then transported from the North Jefferson County Ambulance District to Mercy Hospital South, where they underwent emergency care.

The incident is being further investigated.

We hope Thomas Kershner and Tamara Sigman recover quickly.

Car accidents in Missouri

Jefferson, MO – Tamara Sigman & Thomas Kershner Injured Dr

A car accident can end your life in an instant. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people are involved in auto accidents in our state every year. Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that more than 40% of traffic accidents across the country occur at intersections.

There are a number of reasons why car accidents happen at intersections. The most common cause is when a driver does not yield the right-of-way to another driver who has the right-of-way. This can happen when a driver turns left and cannot see oncoming traffic, or when a driver turns right and there is no car coming from the left.

Another common cause of intersection-related accidents is running a red light or stop sign. Drivers may be in a hurry and ignore the traffic lights, or misjudge how long it will take them to cross the intersection. In any case, this is dangerous behavior that can lead to serious accidents.

Wrong turns are another cause of car accidents at intersections. This can happen when a driver attempts to turn right at a red light, or when turning left from the wrong lane. Both maneuvers are against the law and endanger other drivers.

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