Buckeyes Pass 100 in Wright State Win – Ohio State Buckeyes

box score | season stats Columbus, Ohio – The No. 4/6 (5-0) Ohio State Buckeyes beat Wright State (1-3) by a margin of 105-52 on Wednesday afternoon at Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day. The Buckeyes scored 20 or more points in all four quarters and broke the 100-point mark for the first time this season in an … Read more

David Y Ige | DHHL Media Release: Hawaiian Homes Commission Releases 2023 Meeting Schedule

DHHL Media Release: Hawaiian Homes Commission Releases 2023 Meeting Schedule Posted on November 23, 2022 in Current Department News, Newsroom (Kapolei, O’ahu) — The Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC), the nine-member board that administers the Department of Hawaiian Homes Lands (DHHL), has approved and announced its 2023 calendar of meetings. Sessions will be held in accordance … Read more

Inflation and increased demand are weighing on NH’s pantries

Some New Hampshire food supplies said they are struggling to keep up with growing demand around the holiday season as inflation is making it harder for families to afford groceries — and harder for others to afford the charitable giving that powers many food distribution efforts drive. Inflation is hitting the New Hampshire Food Bank … Read more

Indiana’s job market still ‘amazingly healthy’ despite warning signs in new jobs data | news

Indiana Public Media News { “banners”: { “television”: [ {“url” : “https://indianapublicmedia.secureallegiance.com/wtiu/WebModule/Donate.aspx?P=WTIUMCBNR&PAGETYPE=PLG&CHECK=2T6mTyo6yYuMn%2bAFYFwp%2bq1gzMC6uhq5nDjkJobrCdg%3d”, “img” : “https://indianapublicmedia.org/images/banner-images/11-22-22-11-25-22-11-28-22-wtiu-gt-bnr.jpg”, “startingDate” : “1669093200000”, “endingDate” : “1669265940000”} , {“url” : “https://indianapublicmedia.secureallegiance.com/wtiu/WebModule/Donate.aspx?P=WTIUMCBNR&PAGETYPE=PLG&CHECK=2T6mTyo6yYuMn%2bAFYFwp%2bq1gzMC6uhq5nDjkJobrCdg%3d”, “img” : “https://indianapublicmedia.org/images/banner-images/wtiu-thanksgiving-11-24-22.jpg”, “startingDate” : “1669266000000”, “endingDate” : “1669352340000”} , {“url” : “https://indianapublicmedia.secureallegiance.com/wtiu/WebModule/Donate.aspx?P=WTIUMCBNR&PAGETYPE=PLG&CHECK=2T6mTyo6yYuMn%2bAFYFwp%2bq1gzMC6uhq5nDjkJobrCdg%3d”, “img” : “https://indianapublicmedia.org/images/banner-images/11-22-22-11-25-22-11-28-22-wtiu-gt-bnr.jpg”, “startingDate” : “1669352400000”, “endingDate” : “1669438740000”} , {“url” : “https://indianapublicmedia.secureallegiance.com/wtiu/WebModule/Donate.aspx?P=WTIUMCBNR&PAGETYPE=PLG&CHECK=2T6mTyo6yYuMn%2bAFYFwp%2bq1gzMC6uhq5nDjkJobrCdg%3d”, “img” : “https://indianapublicmedia.org/images/banner-images/11-22-22-11-25-22-11-28-22-wtiu-gt-bnr.jpg”, “startingDate” … Read more

Governor Lujan Grisham ends time at the UN climate conference in Egypt

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — Governor Lujan Grisham completed a successful itinerary at COP27, representing New Mexico on the world stage alongside international climate leaders. The governor participated in talks with US leaders including White House national climate adviser Ali Zaidi, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. “We’re never done learning … Read more

ERISA Fees Complaint Dismissed in Pennsylvania District Court, Favorable Trend Continues | Proskauer – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Blog

in the Krutchen vs. Ricoh USA, No. 22-cv-678, 2022 US Dist. LEXIS 206792 (ED Pa. Nov. 15, 2022), a Pennsylvania district court, dismissed an ERISA overcharging claim for failing to provide sufficient information about alleged settlement plans that allegedly paid less for recording services. The decision is notable because it gave the defendants a victory … Read more

James Spann: Rain returns to Alabama Thursday night

 PLEASANT AFTERNOON: Temperatures will range between 66 and 72 degrees across the northern half of Alabama this afternoon. Some patches in southern Alabama have reached the mid-1970s as the warming trend continues. Skies will be partly to mostly sunny and we will remain dry tonight with a low in the 40’s.Thursday will be a … Read more