The discovery of the oldest human footprints in North America excited researchers. It turns out they might not be that old

A joint team of American researchers has contradicted previous claims that fossil footprints found in 2009 in the Lake Otero Basin in New Mexico’s White Sands National Park are the oldest in North America – allegedly from the last Ice Age. The group’s latest work appeared in a recent issue of Quaternary Research. Last September, … Read more

A historic Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home in California just went on the market for almost four times the average asking price ~ California

Fawcett Farm, a restored Frank Lloyd Wright home in California’s Central Valley, just went on the market with LA’s Crosby Doe Associates for $4,250,000. That compares to the famed architect’s other Usonian homes for sale this fall, including one in upstate New York for $1.5 million and another in Wisconsin for $725,000. However, Ronald Reagan … Read more