Hawaii’s economy is essentially recession-proof, State says

Hawaii’s Department of Economy, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) released its fourth-quarter 2022 Statistical and Economic Report on Wednesday, which provides insight into the tourism component of the state’s current and projected economic health. Amazingly, it claims that next year the Aloha State will be able to avoid all the consequences of the economic recession … Read more

Lava from Hawaii Volcano slows its approach to Main Street

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii — Rivers of glowing lava oozing from the world’s largest volcano should not be able to reach the main road connecting the east and west coasts of Hawaii’s Big Island for at least a week, an official said Thursday. The lava flowing down Mauna Loa has “slowed down significantly” since it reached flat … Read more

The volcanic eruption in Hawaii has put some on the alert and is drawing onlookers

HILO, Hawaii (AP) – The first eruption of the world’s largest active volcano in 38 years is drawing onlookers to a national park for a “spectacular” view of the event, and it’s also bringing back bad memories for some Hawaii residents who endured have harrowing volcanic experiences in the past. Just four years ago, Nicole … Read more

Montana judge restores state regulations on wolf hunting

HELENE, Mon. (AP) — A judge on Tuesday lifted an injunction restricting the state’s hunting and trapping of wolves, saying there is nothing to suggest the rules now in place would make wolf populations unsustainable in the short term. District Judge Christopher Abbott also dismissed concerns from environmental groups that hunting up to six wolves … Read more

Montana officials are asking the judge to lift the limit on killing wolves

HELENE, Mont. (AP) — Montana officials Monday asked a judge to lift an injunction restricting the hunting and trapping of wolves after concerns that too many of the animals could be killed this winter. The hearing before District Judge Chris Abbott in Helena comes as Montana and other Republican-run states have moved in recent years … Read more

Covid, Monkeypox, now the Las Vegas Strip faces a ‘superbug’

In a way, Las Vegas was like Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger. No matter how many hits it takes or how dead it seems, the city rises stronger than before. Covid appeared to be a last-ditch battle for Sin City. The virus did the unthinkable, forcing the Las Vegas Strip to close, ending … Read more

Thanksgiving brings thousands to Ohio airports

COLUMBUS, Ohio – John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) welcomes thousands of travelers each day for the Thanksgiving holiday. what you need to know Experts recommend that you arrive 90 minutes earlier for domestic flights and 2 hours earlier for international flights TSA has staff to assist travelers with disabilities TSA screens between 11,000 and … Read more

A Texas couple unknowingly brings their 5-pound Chihuahua to the airport in their suitcase ` Texas

A Texas couple unknowingly brings their 5-pound Chihuahua to the airport in their suitcase When they got to the airport, their luggage was two pounds over the weight limit, so they decided to switch things up. When they opened the suitcase, there was Icky! LUBBOCK, Texas – A Texas couple shares their story as they … Read more